Last weekend Florida was faced with the biggest storm we could imagine. It was bigger than the entire state, and I was sure that my home state of Florida would be wiped off the map. Then, at the last moment, the storm that was a category 5 went to a category 1. Although, the storm claimed precious lives and many have lost their homes, created flooding and massive devastation, and so many have lost power for days, I still recognize that it could have been worse than it was.

My heart breaks for those who have suffered and for the millions who are still suffering from the affects of the storm.

It’s not easy to face a big storm coming in. You know it’s going to hit but exactly where and how hard is the question. Nobody really knows, as we all saw watching the weather channel. But I have seen through the humanitarian efforts in Texas and Florida, God still moves in hearts and in people’s lives. Neighbors come together and strangers reach out to help someone else when they are suffering the affects as well.

If I have learned one thing in my life, it’s that there are going to be storms that come, and knowing that, I have to be prepared but I can’t waste my time just waiting for the next one to hit. I have to live my life and put my mark on this earth.

There are going to be unknowns in life, just like the past Hurricanes but at the end of the day God has a plan. Maybe for some it’s a change.

This week as I think about things unfolding in my own life, I have so many unknowns right now. I know in my heart that the best thing that I can do is allow God to take control, even if it looks like it’s going to be a disaster. God can change it all with one swift wave of his hand, if I just trust in him.


What is an Evagelical Christian?

Talk is cheap!
There are two kinds of Christians; Christians that just simply talk about loving Jesus, and people that love and live their life for Jesus. I have been both at one time or another in my life time. About eight years ago, I was a bench warmer in my church. I went to church every Sunday and my family and I filled the pew. I clocked in and I clocked out. I didn’t bother to read the scripture during the week, I simply relied on the pastor’s message. Sunday was the only day that I gave to God and it ended right there. Unfortunately, that also showed in my life.

Evangelical Christians are people that love and live their life for Jesus. They spend time getting to know who God is by reading the word throughout the week. They are ready for when the opportunity opens up to share what Jesus has done for them. They live their life by example.

Unfortunately, we have way too many Christians that just talk about loving Jesus and not enough Christians that are actively pursuing Jesus and are looking for opportunities to share what God has done and what He can do.

As for me I choose to live my life for God and show that I love him by grabbing every opportunity to share what God has done for me. If God can see me through the life that I have had, I am more than happy to share with someone else.

Stuck in Brain Fog.

  • Living with brain fog.


    Brain fog is something that a lot of people with Lupus struggle with and we have to do the best we can to work through it. People that we deal with on a day to day basis don’t quite understand what this feels like. They mean well, when they complete our sentences, but that only rushes us to think what we are trying to say. We see the impatient look on their faces waiting for us to get the words out and it further complicates our thinking process. It kind of makes us not want to communicate at all sometimes. Because of the brain fog, putting a sentence together can be difficult. We frantically try to search for the one word that we have used a million times but we can’t think of it in mid-sentence. It’s like trying to reach something in the dark. For me personally, I have lost a lot of control over many things in my life because of Lupus, this brain fog is just another stumbling block. In many cases I can’t control my cognitive thinking.

    I have an impeccable long-term memory but my short-term memory has become severally hampered because of Lupus. I ask the same questions over and over again, not knowing I had already asked the same questions several times before. I can’t remember small things any more. Sometimes, I cannot even remember what day of the week it is, much less the year.

     Although I wouldn’t wish a chronic illness on anyone, I think my illness has given me a different perspective on some things in life. It’s made me appreciate the little things that I used to take for granted like getting up and going to work,driving and walking around the grocery store or even to the gym. I used to have the ability to work with my hands,the ability to get up and go whenever I pleased. However, because of Lupus, freedom to do as I please has been drastically reduced. I know that giving up is not an option for me, I have to continue to try and think things through regardless of the someone else’s lack of patience with me. I need to push through to remember things even if it takes me a little longer. I am an over-comer and I will fight this with all I have.




What if God wants to use you and what you are going through to reach someone else? What if He wants to heal you so that your story can heal someone else? I know that I often see myself as insignificant but God does not see me that way! He sees me and you differently than how we see ourselves. He sees us stronger than we give ourselves credit for, he sees us as victorious, significant, and he wants for us to live the abundant life that he prepared for us before we were even born.

We were made to RISE above! Whatever you are facing today, it does not define who you are. Maybe you have an illness, depression, addiction, abuse, anxiety, or past regrets, whatever it is God has a plan. Be still and you will find it.


Monday Morning pick-me-up. “Is anything too hard for the LORD?”

“Is anything too hard for the LORD?

Genesis 18: 14

“Is anything too hard for the LORD? At the appointed time, I will return to you, about this time next year, and Sarah shall have a son.”
Sara, Abraham’s wife, laughed when she heard God say that she would have a child while she was in her 90’s, but God didn’t think it was funny at all, this would be the child of promise.
People may make light of the fact that we trust God in our lives, people may even ridicule us for believing in a God that we cannot
see but don’t allow yourselves to be caught up in a world of doubt, because doubt is the only thing that stops the hand of God in our
Our God is not bound to the elements of this world, our God is limitless. When your neighbor tells you, you are delusional for
believing in God, determine to trust Him more. When the doctor tells you it’s hopeless, look to God. When the banker tells you it is
impossible, look to God. When your body says give up, look to God, His storehouse of miracles is limitless.

Behind closed doors.

Behind closed doors, here’s what you don’t see; tears from heartache, fighting for every day, crying silently, and begging to be
set free from illness, Lupus and all it encompasses. This illness has a hold of me, yes, the only way out is with God’s grace.
Life with this illness, can be a lonely place, something I have heard time and time again.
Sometimes, I am screaming inside my own head. I silently cry about the little things that are never said. I feel so guilty for the
things that I miss in my life and my children’s life. I hear people say to me, “when you feel better,” and my heart aches for those days. The question is, when will I feel better?
Life is so short, I realize that every day. Each day is a blessing, even if I am in pain. I must live with my body and make the best of what I have. My life goals have changed, it’s no longer about me only, it’s about what I can accomplish for God while I’m still here. Will I make a difference today in the world? Will I make someone’s day?
The chains of pain, the turmoil in my head, the hurting heart, the weakened body, I feel as if these are just excuses in my head to
hold me back. I have to run, run with my life! God has a plan, and I have to stand.

Behind closed doors.

Trusting requires not knowing the answers.

Trusting requires not knowing the answers.

I trust God, but it is not always easy.  I don’t think it is supposed to be, however it’s a choice that I have to make daily. Trusting requires not knowing any of the answers and not knowing what the ending is. It’s not in my nature to step back and just let it play out but with my this unpredictable illness, my only constant and my only hope is God. God has saved me many times over so far. From the outside it doesnt look pretty but I have peace on the inside and I see that he has never left me. Is it tough?…yes absolutely but I know that in my weakness he is made strong.