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If society as a whole is gripped with fear…

Like many people, I have watched the Las Vegas massacre unfold almost daily in the media. My heart goes out to the families and the victims of this horrible and senseless act of hatred. As an American, I can’t imagine being at an open concert and ever giving a second thought about the terror that happened that night. Unfortunately, we will all have to think of these scenarios from now on as our carefree freedom is slowly being attacked by domestic or foreign terrorists that simply have no sanctity of life. Those kinds of people have no hope, they do not have God and they care nothing of the sacredness of life.
The commonality with other attacks such as this one is, it is now a norm to fear public spaces. Each time one of these senseless acts of terrorism happens people are inundated with a little bit more fear. I learned a long time ago, that there is nothing to fear except for fear itself. In this case what that means is if we begin to fear going out into public spaces we will stop living. Once you start fearing like that, you become paralyzed, if society as a whole is gripped with fear we will no longer be living in a nation built on freedom, we will be prisoners to the next senseless act of terrorism.
I stand with my country regardless of the internal bickering that seems dominate the media’s attention.  I will exercise my right for freedom to enjoy life, to live and serve Jesus Christ. I will not live in fear of the things in this life, however I will be mindful of my surroundings. I will not allow the enemy to win by creating fear of living my everyday life.



What if God wants to use you and what you are going through to reach someone else? What if He wants to heal you so that your story can heal someone else? I know that I often see myself as insignificant but God does not see me that way! He sees me and you differently than how we see ourselves. He sees us stronger than we give ourselves credit for, he sees us as victorious, significant, and he wants for us to live the abundant life that he prepared for us before we were even born.

We were made to RISE above! Whatever you are facing today, it does not define who you are. Maybe you have an illness, depression, addiction, abuse, anxiety, or past regrets, whatever it is God has a plan. Be still and you will find it.