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I want to know You! Introduce yourself. ☺

Everyone of us has a story to tell. I write this blog because I have my own story to tell and I always hope to inspire someone and to touch as many people as I can before my time on earth is done. When we share our stories and experiences we can strengthen each other and hopefully learn something from each other.

I am always trying to grow beyond what I am right now. So share your story here and in return I will be sure to post your story, only if you like. Leave a note saying share this.

I have written this kind of blog before but I thought I woukd revamp and reblog. I would like to get to know all of my readers, followers and I look forward to building relationships and a community of people that can encourage each other.

Live life, don’t exsist.

“You’re afraid to die, and you’re afraid to live. What a way to exsist”- Neale Donald Walsch

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