God is always moving.

God is always moving but it is easy to get caught up in the moment when hard times come, maybe you feel like you are in a dark hole screaming to the top of your lungs and nobody is hearing you. I know I have felt like this a time or two in the last four years at least.

Things happen that are beyond our control, and we put our faith in God just like we should. We pray and we pray and as far as we can tell, nothing is changing, then we begin to think that God isn’t moving. That is just enough for the enemy to creep in with his lies and fill our minds with doubt.

God is always moving even when we do not see it!!!

We just want to see a flashing neon sign saying, GOD is MOVING NOW!!

Blessings are often considered too late or not enough.

Maybe the miracles of God are exactly within that statement because God’s timing is perfect. He knows our needs and exactly how much we need. His ways are not our ways!!

God is God, he is all-powerful, all-knowing, all loving, and his love never fails.

Today, Praise God even if you are in the middle of a storm. He’s got this! He is moving!

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Behind closed doors.

Behind closed doors.

Behind closed doors, here’s what you don’t see; tears from heartache, fighting for every day, crying silently, and begging to be
set free from illness, Lupus and all it encompasses. This illness has a hold of me, yes, the only way out is with God’s grace.
Life with this illness, can be a lonely place, something I have heard time and time again.
Sometimes, I am screaming inside my own head. I silently cry about the little things that are never said. I feel so guilty for the
things that I miss in my life and my children’s life. I hear people say to me, “when you feel better,” and my heart aches for those days. The question is, when will I feel better?
Life is so short, I realize that every day. Each day is a blessing, even if I am in pain. I must live with my body and make the best of what I have. My life goals have changed, it’s no longer about me only, it’s about what I can accomplish for God while I’m still here. Will I make a difference today in the world? Will I make someone’s day?
The chains of pain, the turmoil in my head, the hurting heart, the weakened body, I feel as if these are just excuses in my head to
hold me back. I have to run, run with my life! God has a plan, and I have to stand.